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People  Design  Business

Passionate about people's stories and experiences. Driven by business goals. Excited about connecting the dots between them through design.

Improving the family court experience

A solution system, targeted at the first time user, that sets expectations and provides step by step guidance to navigate the confusing family court, so people  can focus on matters they are there for.

Increasing the voter turnout and enabling informed decisions  

Using the power of design to change attitude and behaviors, and preparing the youth for the voting day. The solution prototypes an addition in the civics curriculum, a voter kit, and VoteAmerica app for registration, value based plotting of candidates, and creation of community.

New strategic directions for a sustainable tourism startup 

Using human centered design to enable the client's philosophy of people, planet and profit. We made meaningful travel experiences a possibility for a hitherto ignored segment: the elderly population. 

Insights to guide innovation in the 2-wheeler category

A mix of ethnography and design methods to understand pain points and latent needs used to guide conceptual directions for new product development.    

Enabling teachers on-the-go management of student needs and progress 

Creating a mobile version with the right functionality built for providing quick understanding and action for teachers who have high time constraints and think of time in 2 minute chunks. 

other explorations

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