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People  Design  Business

People  Design  Business

People  Design  Business

People  Design  Business


Affinity Maps

Affinity Maps

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Create an animation video using After Effects to explain a design method or principle of your choice 

topic selection

A deep interest in research and analysis led me to pick Affinity maps - a very useful synthesis tool


Individual project
script with scene wise description
  1. I started with a longer script, penning down what I understood about the topic in detail and introducing related topics. 

  2. Colour coded them for easy differentiation between parts that were important to establish, those that would be included only if time permitted

  3. Post feedback from peers and the professor, I edited the script, simplifying the language, and making it succinct.


There is a difference between ideas in the head and ideas that start existing on paper

I created my storyboard by putting post its on a sheet of paper, so I have the flexibility to change, add and remove screens in between

Putting ideas down often made me see them differently or acted as springboard for other ideas. It also made me see which ideas were not working the way I had imagined

creation of artwork

All artwork was created in Adobe Illustrator, then imported and manipulated in After Effects

Theme and visual language

The character’s simplicity and act of collecting information enroute made me thing of Mario. What you will see consistently in the video - 

  • Basic, solid colors

  • Simple, flat shapes


  • Transparent, to represent neutral and objective entity getting colored with multiple color post its (representing multiple points of view)

  • Open, but finite box, to show capabilities of a human mind

visuals reflecting story progression

  • Terrain gets more treacherous as Bob moves along and collects more information

  • Background colors change from sunny and bright to dull and muted tones to reflect how Bob is feeling

  • Bob’s expressions change from happy to scared to sad before final breakdown

  • Mix of chaos and order at different points to reflect the nature of Affinity mapping

food illustrations

Each food item has also been created with minimum detailing and with single, solid colors, enough to make them recognizable but still fit with the rest of the visual language​

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