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Passionate. Intuitive. Explorer.

The tattoo on my neck ज़िद. पागलपन. इंतेहा. ज़िंदगी  (Hindi for "Stubbornness. Madness. The last limit. Life") depicts how I pursue my dreams: I go all in.

Understanding human mindset and behaviour gives me a high, and I go to great lengths to know feelings and thoughts people have, that maybe hidden even from them, Combining user happiness with business gain gives me a  bigger high. My interest lies in helping businesses engage in human centered design – this could include helping design offerings that would meet human needs, enhancing the experience their product/service offers the user or even the direction the company wants to take,

My big dream is to bring viability and profitability in creating social change - for a more harmonious society and economy.


On a more personal note, I'm a big sci-fi and comic book fan, and believe the Star Wars world will exist one day - very soon. Calvin and Hobbes has taught me a lot about life. New experiences, meeting new people, knowing their stories, adventure, good food, chilled beer, and reading make my day!

Please see my CV to know about my education and experience


mobile: +1-650-709-5928

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