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Passionate. Intuitive. Problem solver.

The tattoo on my neck ज़िद. पागलपन. इंतेहा. ज़िंदगी  (Hindi for "Stubbornness. Madness. The last limit. Life") depicts how I pursue my dreams: I go all in.

I believe that successful and sustainable solutions are created at the intersection of addressing user needs, meeting business goals, and a justifiable technical cost. My expertise lies in identifying knowledge gaps and opportunities, inspiring stakeholders with deep insights on users' mindset, behavior & what they value, and creating approaches to identify and prioritize high value solutions that benefit both, people and business


I've spent the last 7.5 years building strong research skills and delivering actionable insights that influence leadership and help define the team direction, business direction and the product development process. Apart from Design Research, I incorporate other data points through cross functional and cross team collaborations, to drive a stronger and more aligned perspective on the problem. I'm skilled at working on large scale, complex and ambiguous projects, spanning multiple business units, bringing concreteness, driving clarity and building a shared vision.

In addition, I've mentored other researchers on their growth and development goals, helped improve planning processes, and research quality through initiatives like DEI, building knowledge hubs, amplifying unique expertise of the research community. 

Please see my CV for further details on my education and experience.

mobile: +1-650-709-5928

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